Monty Floyd

Sit with me,

just a little while.

Be at peace,

let your eyes smile.

Talk with me,

share some thoughts.

No judgement here,

bring what you brought.

Laugh with me,

the absurd, the benign.

Lets hoot out our mirth,

drink only good wine!

Love with me,

understanding affection.

Space to be us,

no fear of rejection.

Stay with me,

just a minute or score.

Or if you’d like,

Forever more?



Photo by Sydney Sims on Unsplash

Who murmurs from the shadows?

Who are you to me?

Combing through my weakness,

Puppeteer of malady.

Drowning thoughts with malice

Persuasive discouragement.

Famished esteem starved thin,

No sustenance or nourishment.

Who is the voice inside my head?

No care for mental health.

Feeding off my hopes and dreams

Can’t I be kind to myself?



Photo by Viktor Talashuk on Unsplash

Smile and shout your “truths”

onstage each day,

painted façade in focus

hide the grey.

No room for self doubt

no cracks here, see…

effortless success story,

want to be me?

Follow my story

envy my life,

wrap yourself around my show

trust the lies.

Smile and shout your “truths”

room for one more,

aspirational puppets,

queue out door.



Monty Floyd

Monty Floyd

Romantic optimist, confident lover, emotional veteran, bi-polar thinker, aspiring leader, knowledge seeker, political ignoramus, capable cook, explorative poet.